Crooks abuse website contact forms to deliver IcedID malware

You Can’t Win Until You ___ (Fill In the Blank)

Nowadays, dating is more competitive than it’s ever been — download this free report to learn 6 proven skills to stand apart & succeed in the modern dating world. This is going to be very simple. Not going to be long. It’s going to be something you’ll be able to read every single day. This … Read more

How to know if someone likes you

When you’re talking to someone online it can sometimes be hard to tell if they might ‘like you’ like you or if they’re just being polite. It’s good to know if someone is interested in you romantically, so that you don’t waste your time or pin your hopes on something that isn’t leading anywhere. Here … Read more

“We were spiritually in tune” – A & L, our Christian Connection story

“People are either inspired or think we’re slightly bonkers after discovering we were married within a year of meeting, with a blended family of 5 boys aged 8-13. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind experience and we often pinch ourselves we are doing this. But we are a testimony to what God is … Read more

How the resurrection shows God’s faithfulness

Sometimes life can deal you some really difficult cards – dealing with a long term sickness and believing God for healing, praying for a loved one to come to know Christ and change their ways and it seems nothing is happening, or maybe you’ve been praying for the right person to come along to share … Read more

How to prioritise what matters

Three years ago, a friend died in her early fifties from cancer. It was sudden and a shock to us all, a shock that prompted many of us to re-evaluate our lives. We vowed to focus on the important things – our hopes, dreams and deepest longings – and to stop sweating the small stuff. … Read more

Why the Idea of “Having It All” Is Damaging Us

As I scroll through my Instagram feed I see beautiful glossy images. Images of gorgeous women and their boyfriends traveling to exotic places. Wearing clothes I wish I had. Images of moms who seem more organic than me. More “together” than me. Images of homes that are freshly cleaned and styled just right. Images of … Read more

How To Love Yourself Through Dating Disappointments and Heartbreak

Dating is risky. It can lead to heartbreak, anger, sadness, and bring up all kinds of feelings of rejection. Feelings that run deep in our subconscious from childhood wounds. It can trigger us in ways that leave us wondering why we even bother looking for love in the first place when it just seems so … Read more

3 Times I Realized Being a Pickup Artist Was Really Weird

Confession: I used to be a professional pickup artist. Yes, I read women’s palms and rehearsed ridiculous lines that other men claimed were the secret to getting laid. I even used a “cool” pseudonym, Niko. But, that was a lifetime ago. I’ve spent the past twelve years teaching men to honestly know themselves and communicate … Read more

3 Big Mindsets to Winning the Long Game in Dating

There was a time when I loved digesting every little thing about dating. It was all so addictive. When you first discover you CAN actively get better with women and grow your confidence, it feels like uncovering ancient texts to find the holy grail. You become obsessed thinking that if you just find the right … Read more